We have 2 year product warranty, on all our lamps and light sources.

Beginning from 2018-05-01 we offer an extended component guarantee on LED module, in lamps with integrated LED up to 5 years from the time of purchase.

The warranty does not cover improper installation or deviation from installation instructions, non-professional installation, improper storage or handling, product modification, external damage of lighting-related damage. In above mentioned cases, we refer to the consumer's home insurance.

For complaints, please contact your dealer for further handling.


Register your complaint at COMPLAINT@BELID.SE or on phone number +46 ( 0)340-66 25 01. After submitting a case, a unique ID is created which you provide and are referred to in future issues.

Below information at registration facilitates faster handling of the case:

  • Description of error
  • The order / invoice number
  • Item
  • Series / Batch number
  • Number
  • Image


Visible damage to packaging must be reported to the driver in connection with the receipt upon delivery.Then submit your application to Belid immediately or for hidden damages within 5 working days. 

The following information must be enclosed in the notification

  • Picture of damaged packaging (pallet / package)
  • Image of transport label
  • Picture of damaged article
  • The order / invoice number
  • Item
  • Number


Only happens after approval between customer and Belid, maximum up to 3 months from the time of purchase or where no product modifications have been made. Returns are not accepted on outgoing or specially manufactured items.

Upon approval, the article must be sent again as new item and the original packaging ,marked with return ID you provided by Belid. A handling & administration cost is charged at 20% of the item's value and any shipping.

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